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Is Your Trademark Strong or Weak?

Trademarks are words, names, slogans, designs, scents, shapes, sounds and colors companies use to identify their services and products and to distinguish them from the competition. The more distinctive the mark the stronger it will be and greater are the chances it will be registered. There are typically 5 categories of trademarks (from the weakest to the strongest): generic, descriptive, suggestive, arbitrary and fanciful.

#XEROX, #EXXON or #KODAK are made up words with no particular meaning in the dictionary, hence very strong, fanciful trademarks; the #APPLE word and design are not used in connection with food - it is used arbitrarily for computers and software; #AIRBUS suggests the nature of the service without describing it; AMERICAN AIRLINES describes the origin of the service; SOFTWARE COMPANY is the weakest type of them all and would not be allowed for registration for software services for being generic.

When selecting a #brand with your marketing team, work closely with an expert IP attorney that will reduce the risk of future and painful rebranding, litigation for trademark infringement, or both. Your IP is one of the most important intangible corporate assets.

#Register it, #own it, #enforce it and #monetize it!

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