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Artificial Intelligence lowers patent costs

Registering a patent can be very expensive. What about enforcing it? Fasten your seat belt with that one! Patent law is very complex and full of technicalities. Sometimes there are more exceptions that swallow the rules. Still, there are parts of the work that is done by patent the attorney that become repetitive which artificial intelligence can automate. This results in lower costs for clients to inventors and investors.

Artificial intelligence allows machine learning and algorithms use of human-made claims (the heart of the patent) to create patent specifications. Software can also be used to draft the patent so that the attorney can spend more time on legal matters instead of drafting tasks.

With these tools implemented, patent searches are run more efficiently. Patent disclosures and inventive criteria come to surface to help put in place the right filing strategies. Any changes made to the claim or drafted patent fed back into the program so that the software continues with the learning (and earning) processes.

Do you have an invention that needs to be patented? It is then time to run the proper search and assess if your invention meets the patentability requirements. Let’s have a call


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