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Innovative and disruptive companies treat IP as instrumental tools for continuous growth and market positioning. Using IP in creative ways in correlation with other IP increases efficiencies, productivity and revenue. Examples follow:

  • Patents with trademarks: you can patent and register in major jurisdictions whilst a brand can be built up at the global level. Consider patents expire while trademarks can last forever so long as they are used.

  • Copyrights with trademarks: this combination is typically notorious in the entertainment industry such as software, gaming, movies.

  • Trade secrets with trademarks: build your brand without disclosing the secret of your goods and services.

  • Copyrights with trade secrets: for example, software with limited or restricted access to the source code with self-destruction features should breach happen.

The combination of synergies of different types intellectual properties to generate revenue are endless and limited only by the level of inventiveness and creativity. Does your company have IP with potential for further exploitation? Let’s have a call.


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