Copyrights are the creative creations of authors, composers, photographers, filmmakers, painters, graphic artists, architects, sculptors, sound recordings, architectural works, etc.  The copyright system regulates the rights to reproduction, preparing derivative works, distribution, performance and display.

We tackle copyright issues to help individuals, start-ups and established corporations to protect their copyrights in the United States and abroad.  

Brandia helps you take a proactive approach to protecting your copyrights and assist you with:


     • Assignments

     • Licenses

     • Due diligence

     • Registration

     • Portfolio management

     • Limitation/mitigation of liability

     • Copyright compliance policies 

We handle protection of:

  • Books

  • Software

  • Music and songs

  • Databases

  • Compilations

  • Advertisements

  • Website layouts

  • Maps

  • Paintings

  • Sculptures

  • Architectural plans, etc.  

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Our legal services cover areas in Washington D.C.

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