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Both are valid methods to protect your software code or invention. The choice may depend largely on whether you wish to protect the code itself or the process. The difference in costs to protect can also be abysmal.

With copyright software you may not prevent others from using the ideas contained in your code such as the process. With copyrights you protect the expression of the code and you can prevent others from copying, distributing (freely or for a profit), making derivative works or sharing in public. With patents one can protect the process or invention. With it you can keep others from using, importing or selling your software. Unlike copyright registration, registering a patent is very expensive.

An alternate way of protecting software is to keep it as a trade secret. For this it is necessary that mechanisms are in place such as non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, limited access to the data to only a few, marking the information as confidential and train your staff to keep things undisclosed. Access and schedule a call with us to discuss.


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