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At Brandia, we support SMEs in maintaining the best possible position in the marketplace through:


• Searches, clearance, and selection of brands

• Opinions on registrability and rights of third parties

• Preparation and filing of trademark and trade dress applications

• Registrations before USPTO, the European Union, WIPO’s Madrid System, and national filings

• Office actions, oppositions, and cancellations         

• Protection and enforcement


Filing Trademarks in the United States (USPTO)

Unlike most competitors, a licensed Attorney will prepare and file your federal trademark applications without incurring in unnecessary costs.

Whether you file a trademark in the US or abroad, a US licensed attorney from Brandia will guide you through the filing process.  We provide estimated filing budgets by country or by region and we are particularly skilled with global filing strategies and managing large portfolios.  We also file separate, national trademark applications in specific countries of interest through an extensive global network of trusted trademark agents.

Good and Services

Trademarks (word marks and design marks) are used in connection with goods and services. A clear description of goods and services is usually a requirement to obtain registration. The level of description varies from country to country. At Brandia, a licensed trademark attorney may guide you through the selection process at no charge during our free consultation phase.

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