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Synergy Between Marketers and Trademark Attorneys

By training trademark attorneys dedicate good portion of their time to identify issues, handle risk and find options to solve problems.

Marketers help customers understand how goods and services make their lives better while helping clients succeed in the marketplace. More than often marketers are called in after R&D already took place with executives having decided to move forward and launch into the market as soon as possible. Attorneys sometimes are forced to hit the brakes and slow marketers down to take granular consideration of elements of infringement, unfair competition and resemblance of marks and designs that represent liability for their common clients.

Marketers and trademark attorneys have more chances to see opportunity to succeed with these challenges on behalf of their clients and manage the brand, each from their own turf and knowledge. Parameters of acceptable trademarks need to be established from the get go, strength of the marks, as well as timelines to assess and clear potential liability. Putting down to work the synergy between trademark attorneys and marketers can only result in a long lasting, fruitful relationship with their clients.



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