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If your articles, software, webinar presentations, photographs, electronically shared content, etc., are being used by others but you are not getting paid for it then corrective measures are needed. Also if you do not have a way to control how often people use your work without receiving any retribution in exchange.

The burden of proof of ownership is on you if you are planning to claim rights over your creative work. Typically, without legal title recognized by the US Copyright Office or USPTO you may end up empty handed. Using blockchain to protect your work may help you prove that you own what you created. Embedded blocks of data are kept automatically in different servers disseminated on the web and they cannot be changed once they are created. You can now keep track of where your intellectual property goes and who had access to it. It is a reliable and relatively low-cost mechanism to trace back the source (you).

Content creators are better armed with blockchain technology to reap the benefits for their work. It creates a footprint for your digital IP on the web and can be used to identify unauthorized use. Schedule a call with us if you have questions about how to protect your IP with blockchain.



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