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IP Monetization for Medium Size Companies

Filing and registering your company’s intellectual property assets is all good and necessary, but it is not enough. IP must serve as a vehicle to propel companies to more profitable grounds. Consider these:

  • Licensing agreements: third parties can use IP that applies to both competing and non-competing industries, exclusive or not, for a fee.

  • Securitization: IP offers relatively stable returns and can be used to raise capital. Think of royalties from copyrights or patents.

  • Collateralization: IP can secure loans and the lenders register security interest against IP. Spin-outs: IP can be transferred to other companies for more efficient exploitation under separate operations due to, for example, conflicting priorities by the assigning party.

  • Sale-Lease backs: multiple IP can be pooled and resold with, for example, preferred repayment priorities for investors.

Do not just leave your company’s IP assets registered and protected: exploit them to the fullest extent and generate more revenue. If any of these categories listed above apply to you then let’s go over your options!



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