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We acknowledge the important value of your IP assets, your ideas, investment, time and future.


We focus on your business, your brand and the difference that you make in the marketplace.

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Expertise & Services

Patent Research & Analytics

We help SMEs to reduce significantly the costs of patent research and analytics, patent drafting and prosecution in the fields of wireless technology, semiconductors, digital circuits and blockchain.

Trade Secrets & Contracts

We provide practical legal solutions to practical business challenges. 

Our business and commercial approach represent a deep understanding of how businesses work and understand the key business drivers applicable to our clients’ sectors.

What sets us apart from our competitors?


We value your business and believe in taking ownership of your goals and responding thoroughly to your questions and concerns.


Your case will be handled by a licensed attorney with both US and international experience acquired with highly regarded law firms.


We can substantially reduce your searching and filing costs compared to our competitors that charge larger amounts.

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