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Freedom to Operate (FTO) Patent Search

To stay relevant in this dynamic environment every organization is launching new products with the latest technology & features. Organizations invest time, efforts and money in the design & launch of products and they must make sure their products do not infringe on patents of other companies to avoid infringement lawsuits and efforts taken towards product launch are wasted.

Organizations operating in tech sectors where extensive patenting is done need to safeguard themselves from the risk of infringement litigation and associated costs. It is paramount that before a product launch, they get an FTO (freedom to operate) search conducted for the countries where they are planning to unveil the product. FTO search is a risk-mitigation service that acts as a safety net to avoid or limit liability.

Contact us for a comprehensive FTO search service and an exhaustive list of potentially harmful patents (with valuable information about the legal status) along with mapping between the claims of the patents and the key features of the product.



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