Why Brandia LLC?

We only focus entirely on trademarks, copyrights,
designs and provide solutions tailored to your needs. 


What sets us apart from our competitors? With Brandia, only a licensed attorney will handle your trademarks, copyrights, designs and IP portfolio at very competitive fees. Unlike many competitors who use non-lawyers or paralegals to perform the work, with Brandia you will have direct contact with a licensed attorney who will handle your mark, creative works and designs. The combination of our experience and cost-effective approach allows us to offer more competitive fees than our competitors. 

Personalized Service

We value your business and believe in taking ownership of your goals and responding thoroughly to your questions and concerns. As a result, you will have answers to your questions at the level that you expect and exceed. We do not wish to sell you our services—rather, we help you select your best option. 

Comprehensive Research

Our research is conducted by a licensed attorney, not by paralegals or specialists. Based on your needs and budget, we can conduct extensive research on the availability of the mark, copyright, or design that you wish to register. We can also provide a report based on the type of search that you order. We have four types of trademark searches to accommodate your business’ budget and needs. 

Competitive Costs

We can substantially reduce your searching and filing costs compared to our competitors that charge larger amounts. Your case will be handled by an attorney and you will correspond with that attorney from start to finish. 

Value & Experience

Your case will be handled by a licensed attorney with both US and international experience acquired with highly regarded law firms. Even with this expertise, our fees are quite competitive. That is part of the total value that you will get.

Our mission is to guide start-ups or established businesses with local or international presence who wish to implement best practices in their organizations. We identify IP portfolio priorities, gaps, inconsistencies and opportunities ro support your organization’s goals and teams.