Whether your portfolio is large or small, structured by owner, brand, division or other criteria, we handle portfolios cost-efficiently   


We handle chains of transfers, title updates, corporate changes and recordations highlighting the need to satisfy both, accuracy and prompt action. These elements need to work in tandem to mitigate risks and costs.

Our approach is adapting to bring these elements to work together in a practical and commonsensical way. 

Let us assist you with:

  • Devising global trademark filing strategies

  • Reviewing and improving trademark portfolios

  • Budgeting

  • Monitoring deadlines to maintain your trademarks and designs

  • Transferring titles, changing corporate names, and mergers

  • Performing recordation of  IP transfers and corporate changes

  • Filing, protection, and loss-mitigation strategies

  • Due diligence on IP rights

  • Auditing trademark portfolios

  • Legalizing documents for international use and recordation.