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On Non-Traditional Trade Marks

Designs, slogans, word marks are traditional forms of trademarks and as such have a tremendous role in the growth of a business and corporate identity. On the other hand, does your company have a sound mark, a color, a jingle or even a scent that you use in connection with the goods or services? If so then what you have in your hands is a non-traditional trademark that can further propel your company to higher and unique levels for product and service uniqueness if handled properly the the right marketing company.

Do not let go your non-traditional trademark the same way #CADBURY let go its purple color for chocolate packaging (Pantone 2685C, for those who like the details...). Non-traditional marks can be registered.

For colors, consider the emerald green for #TIFFANY packaging; brown for UPS trucks and uniforms; yellow and green for JOHN DEERE machinery; or yellow for 3Ms post-it notes.

For sound marks, think of the METRO GOLDWYN MAYER’s lion roar; or #ZIPPO’s “click” sound for closing lighters; the ESPN and LOONEY TUNES jingles; even scents by PLAY DOH compound or the flowery scent in the VERIZON stores.

Non-traditional #trademarks are fantastic opportunities for brand recognition and distinctiveness. Do you have one? then let’s talk!



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