At Brandia, we will support your business in reserving and maintaining the best possible position against your brand competitors through:


     • Searches, clearance, and selection of brands

     • Opinions on registrability and rights of third parties

     • Preparation and filing of trademark and trade dress applications

     • Registrations before USPTO, the European Union, WIPO’s Madrid System, and national filings

     • Office actions, oppositions, and cancellations         

     • Protection and enforcement


Filing Trademarks in the United States (USPTO)

Unlike most competitors, a licensed Attorney will prepare and file your federal trademark applications without incurring in unnecessary costs.

Whether you file a trademark in the US or abroad, a US licensed attorney from Brandia will guide you through the filing process.  We provide estimated filing budgets by country or by region and we are particularly skilled with global filing strategies and managing large portfolios.  We also file separate, national trademark applications in specific countries of interest through an extensive global network of trusted trademark agents.

Good and Services

Trademarks (word marks and design marks) are used in connection with goods and services. A clear description of goods and services is usually a requirement to obtain registration. The level of description varies from country to country. At Brandia, a licensed trademark attorney may guide you through the selection process at no charge during our free consultation phase.




Copyrights are the creative creations of authors, composers, photographers, filmmakers, painters, graphic artists, architects, sculptors, sound recordings, architectural works, etc.  The copyright system regulates the rights to reproduction, preparing derivative works, distribution, performance and display.  We tackle copyright issues to help individuals, start-ups and established corporations to protect their copyrights in the United States and abroad.  


Let us help you take a proactive approach to protecting your copyrights and assist you with:


     • Assignments

     • Licenses

     • Due diligence

     • Registration

     • Portfolio management

     • Limitation/mitigation of liability

     • Copyright compliance policies 





Renewal and maintenance of trademarks and designs could be tricky. They are critical phases of their life cycle.  Factors such as the date of filing, date of registration, use or non-use of goods and services, formalities and costs, come all into play. We will handle the renewals and maintenance for your trademarks and designs. We pay special attention to reducing costs or clients without compromising the validity or the duration of trademarks and designs. 


In the process, we can support your business to update the descriptions of goods and services that are necessary to maintain your rights in the countries of interest . 




We support your business by managing their trademark, design and copyright portfolios. With Brandia you have access to a holistic analysis of your trademark and copyright portfolios aimed to implementing a tailored strategy that reflects your business’ goals, vision and market presence in both, a local and globalized market.


Let us assist you with:


     • Filing strategies and budgeting

     • Monitoring deadlines to prosecute and maintain your trademarks and designs

     • Transfers or assignments, corporate name changes, and mergers

     • Protection and loss-mitigation strategies

     • Title updates

     • Enforcement of rights

     • Licensing

     • Due diligence





Trademarks, designs and copyrights are intangible property that can be transferred, licensed and serve as collateral against loans. Let us support your business by preparing the documents that are necessary for your operations in the United States or abroad.  


We will support your business’ operations by preparing and negotiating:


     • Cease-and-desist letters

     • Trademark and copyright assignments

     • Trademark and copyright licenses (exclusive and nonexclusive) 

     • Coexistence  agreements

     • Settlement agreements

     • Work-for-hire agreements

     • Joint creation and ownership agreements

     • Domain name assignments





At Brandia we are committed to supporting your business with trademarks, logos and copyrights in the United States and overseas.  Depending on the country, trade dress protection may or not be available for protection. “Trade dress” is the overall image of a product or service as an identifier of source, distinguishing it from those of other competitors. It includes product design, packaging and labeling, décor or layout of a physical environment where services are provided, as well as shapes, color, texture and size.  


A professional graphic designer will be assigned to work with you under the supervision of an attorney. A sets of three designs based on your business teams’ feedback can be prepared for your review, selection, approval and filing for registration. Contact us for a quote.


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